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Walk into traditional handicraft producing area to take you to see the upgrading road of traditional lampshade

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Walking into a workshop of bamboo, wood and awn woven products in Pingnan County, Guigang City, Guangxi Province, one lampshade is neatly placed in the warehouse, waiting for transportation and sale to Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries.


Pingshan town bamboo and wood awn woven products.

We adopt the enterprise + peasant household processing mode, which can effectively solve the labor problem and also solve the job problem for the workers who need to take care of their families at home.

"Before, I couldn't save much money a year by working outside, and I couldn't take care of my children. Now I work in front of my house so that I can take care of my family and have income security. The weaver was talking excitedly as he was weaving lanterns quickly. The worker is knitting lampshades.


"Bamboo, wood and awn weaving industry is the town's traditional advantage industry, nearly 90% of the bamboo and wood and awn weaving products are exported to overseas markets, which is quite famous at home and abroad." The secretary of the Party Committee of the town introduced, vigorously develop knitting industry, after decades of development, knitting industry by the original small workshop, processing materials to develop into guigang city knitting crafts self-export base, there are 16 enterprises above the scale, to achieve the total industrial output value of 356 million yuan above the scale.


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